Regulation Campo24

Campo24 is a GUEST-HOUSE. The host is physically present from 10 am to 1.30 pm, from Monday until Sunday. It is mandatory to send an email to to better manage check-in. If you arrive after 1.30 pm or if the trip is delayed, no problem, you can access by yourself using the instructions for self check-in that will be sent before your arrival.


Guests must pay the city tax –  € 3.70 per person per night.  Children up to ten years of age do not pay the city tax


The outgoing rooms are always sanitized and cleaned. From Monday to Sunday is scheduled the daily setting. Towels are changed every three days, but the customer can request a daily or advance change at the extra cost of € 5.00 per person.  The cleaning time is from 10 am to 12.30 pm. If during this time guests are in the room, the structure declines any responsibility for failure to perform the service. We do not do any cleaning and change of linen and towels on Sunday, so please let us know in time if you need anything.


In response to Covid-19, we may need additional documentation to confirm your identity, travel itinerary and other relevant informations. You must send the identity documents of all the guests by email to before your arrival to inform the police. The client may be subjected to body temperature control. If it is more than 37.5 years old, access to the facility will not be allowed. People in this condition will be temporarily isolated and equipped with masks. Campo24 takes extra measures of hygiene and safety. Posters were posted to remind to the guests and to the staff all the precautions to follow. It is always at your disposal the gel with 60% alcohol concentration for hand hygiene. The service staff are equipped with security devices. The rooms are always sanitized at each guests change. Wearing a mask is always mandatory both in common environments and in passing environments, even those inside the building. It is mandatory to always respect the distance of 1.50 m from the other guests and tenants of the building. If you’re entering the facility and you’re meeting a guest, please make sure he’s back in his room. If you are leaving your room make sure that there are no other guests in the passageways. 


If you arrive in the morning you may not find the room ready, but you can leave your luggage. Usually the access to the rooms is from 1.30 pm, but the keys can be delivered from 10.30 am. After 10 pm check-in is not allowed but if necessary we ask a small extra € 15. During the Covid-19 emergency and for arrivals scheduled for the weekend or for arrivals after 2.30 pm, it is mandatory to send the identity documents of all guests by email to for communication of your details to the police station. 


Check-out is at 10 am. We do not impose penalties on guests leaving after the scheduled time, but we trust your punctuality and fairness. If the guest needs to keep the room beyond the time set for check out must first communicate it and if there are no arrivals on the day at a cost of € 10 per hour, may extend your stay. A luggage storage service allows guests to leave their luggage at the reception free of charge. With courtesy keys you will be able to come back and collect your luggages. Collecting luggages is allowed until 10 pm. Campo24 declines all responsibility in case of theft or damage to your property. Room keys must be left to the staff if present or inside the room. Please note that the use of rooms after check-out is prohibited. Any improper behaviour may be subject to penalty (flat rates from 200 €). We remind you that common environments are monitored.


Guests are required to make known identity and age. At the time of check-in it is mandatory to show a valid ID for the communication of the details of all guests at the police station. Identity cards, passport and driver’s license are accepted. You are required to always facilitate online check-in. It is safe and fast! The customer cannot introduce in the room people (friends or family members) who’s not known to the host (Order of the police Prefect of 28 October 1936 modified by the order n. 9 of 1 February 1940). In the same way, the customer cannot occupy a room for a number of people greater than that provided for by current legislation. In case of violation of this regulation the customer will be asked to leave Campo24 without being able to request any refund. At the time of departure, the customer must hand over the key of the room at the reception. If there is no staff, guest can leave the keys inside the room. It is forbidden to take any object belonging to Campo24. Guests must keep with them the keys of the room. However, it must not be left to third parties and must be returned on the day of departure. In case of no return, Campo24 will charge 25 € on the customer’s credit card.


Pets are not allowed, however, following acceptance by the property and with a surcharge of 19 € every day for the cleaning, small pets are accepted. Pets are responsibility of their owner. It is never allowed to leave pets alone in the room. Guide dogs are allowed free of charge upon agreement of the owner of  Campo24.


Common room is open all day. The room can be used for the following purposes: socialization, smart working, study, relaxation. It will also be possible to use the coffee machine, the boiler and taste the sweets offered by Campo24. We ask in exchange to put dirty cups and plates in the indicated area and to throw leftovers, paper and waste in the bin. It is forbidden to dirty the room with food and drinks. It is forbidden to consume processed food (pizza, pasta, take-away food), illegal substances and alcoholic beverages. It is mandatory to always leave the windows and french doors closed and turn off the air conditioning once you leave the room. Please throw your rubbish in the appropriate bins. We remind you that the common areas are monitored and in case of non-compliance with the prohibitions, Campo24 reserves the right to apply penalties (flat rates starting from € 200). A decent attitude, characterized by moderation and discretion is essential to respect the serenity of the place.


It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, illicit substances and to smoke. Any violation of the rules will result in the unannounced eviction of any person whose behavior would be contrary to these rules. It is forbidden to throw any object from the windows and french windows or to hang clothes. Please do not leave windows and french doors opened in your absence. The client must use the rented thing as a good father. The set rooms are controlled, functional and in good condition. In the event of damage, Campo24 reserves the right to charge the customer for the repair or replacement costs. It is the same for any violation detected after the customer’s departure, the amount of the compensation will be charged to the customer’s card. Campo24 may require, in the event of floods or water damage (windows and french doors left open, taps left open), reimbursement of the damage caused. Campo24 may require a cleaning fee if the room is left in unsuitable condition. In the event of deterioration of parquet (wooden flooring), bed linen, springs, Campo24 will request reimbursement of the damage with a minimum flat rate of € 1000 for the restoration and the impossibility of being able to re-leave the rooms. In general, the customer will have to pay compensation for damage caused directly to Campo24. All our rooms are non-smoking. If the customer needs to smoke, he can do it on the balcony, using an ashtray that he will ask the property for. It is strictly forbidden to throw cigarette butts from balconies or windows. In case of non-compliance with internal rules, the customer will be invited to leave Campo24 without being able to request any refund. Campo24 reserves the right to charge the amount of the damage in the room which will be taken from the bank imprint provided at the time of booking, without the obligation to notify the customer, but can provide an invoice upon request. Customers don’t have to nail anything to the walls or move furniture. Tapage, even during the day, is prohibited. The customer who causes disorder or scandal in any form, will be invited to leave Campo24 immediately and without refund. In the interest of the tranquility of the establishment, all noises must stop between 12 am until 8 am for respect and the rest of the other customers, be careful not to slam the doors or make too much noise, especially between the 12 and 8 am. A hotel room is a place of rest. All trade is strictly prohibited. For safety reasons and for the respect of all, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the rooms and in the common areas. Likewise, it is forbidden to cook in the rooms, have meals there or bring alcoholic beverages, as well as do laundry there. It is important to use the lift appropriately. The elevator is a good for everyone and improper use creates inconvenience especially for the tenants on the top floors. This is why we remind you that it is a historic lift and therefore the doors (the external one and the two small internal ones) must always be closed manually. Even upon your arrival. Don’t forget the two open internal doors. If the doors remain open for several hours, the lift stops and the intervention of the lift operators will be required. Use the lift with a maximum of two people and depending on the weight of the luggage.


Campo24’s internal rules apply to all bookings. Any stay implies acceptance of the special conditions and internal rules. Failure to comply with the above provisions will result in the immediate termination of the contract. In case of non-compliance with the internal rules, the customer will be asked to leave Campo24 without being able to request any refund.


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